Dear Control...

Dear Control, 

I’m trying to break free from you. I’m attempting to free myself of the chains you have enshackled me with for my entire life. I’m trying to rid myself of the grip of this abusive relationship. You cause me to be anxious, fearful, and uncertain. You make me insecure and doubtful. I’m not confident with you looming around. You have caused me so many sleepless nights. You have made me awake and stir with terror.  And you prevent me from moving forward.  Why am I attached to you?  Why have I grown dependant upon you?  You have wooed me with your lies.  And I hate you, yet I can’t imagine living without you. You dominate my mind. You invade my being. You take over my thoughts. You consume me and devour me. Dear Control, let me go.  Set me free!  I want to trade you in for trust, surrender, and freedom.  But you confuse me, trick me, and hurt me over and over again.  You are unreliable. You let me down.  You don’t meet my expectations.  You don’t give me what I want. You only take.  You rob me of the present moment. You steal away any chance of joy. You cause me to be hopeless.  You fill me with anger and rage when things don’t go my way. Control, you have imprisoned me.  Let me walk away from you.