My Lament

My shattered heart.

My insecurities.

My broken bones. 

My consuming misery. 

My fragile pieces. 

My deep, dark fears. 

My hurt and suffering. 

My endless tears.  

My profound confusion. 

My hurt and woe. 

My longing and desires. 

My friend, my foe.  

My futile exsitence.

My pain at my core. 

My longing and hurting.  

My baby, no more. 

My friends who also suffer.

My heart aches with the world. 

My incomprehensible doubt.

My obsession for a cure.

My hopeless days. 

My insomnia nights. 

My new life, my new normal.

My anger...this can’t be right. 

My lonely reality.

My sorrowful, aging face. 

My deepest wound. 

My, how it bleeds.  How it gapes.

My control has no resolve.

My future is spent. 

My little girl forever gone. 

This is my lament. 

Emma JamesComment